imagesRight now is the best time to start investing! Actually, the best time to star investing was 20 years ago…. So unless you can break the code to time travel start investing today! Let me be clear, I didn’t say tomorrow I said today.

What I am currently doing to invest in mutual funds (there are so many other ways you can invest) is I am using a company called Stash. They are a App based company and only require you to invest $5 at a time. This is great for people just starting out. They charge a low few of $1 a month and if you are following what they recommend to do you will be able to make that back very easily each month.

If you apply through my blog using this link here Stash will give $5 to start off. As normal please ask any questions before you start. It is better to get a good understanding of what you doing to make sure you are doing this right. Feel free to use the comments section to ask questions and look for answers.

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